Estelle Humphris - Podiatrist

Estelle finished her Podiatry degree in 2016. When she left uni, she felt that gait analysis was not her strong suit. She asked a couple of mentors for help on this, and their responses were to “just watch people walk”.

Estelle was not satisfied with this response and started finding other ways to improve her skills in this area.  After 4 years with this personal goal, she then thought how good it would be if all this information she’d learnt was in one location, all neatly organised. She could help others learn and avoid feeling that same lack of confidence, insecurity and inadequacy that she had. And so The Gait Movement was born!

Estelle has many hobbies and interests outside of Podiatry, including Trail Running where she has learnt first-hand the importance of strength building through the lower limb to have the endurance to run in general, but particularly without her orthoses which were causing her to roll her ankles on the uneven surfaces. She will tend to analyse what is happening with her own gait on the trails depending what muscles are fatigued or tight on different days.

Get to know Estelle and her journey more in her guest appearance on the Podiatry Legends Podcast. Watch the YouTube link below or download the podcast on any podcast streaming service. 

Max Martin Exercise Physiologist

Max Martin - Exercise Physiologist

Max is Co-Director of iNform Health and Fitness Solutions in South Australia. When he first graduated there was no such thing as Exercise Physiology – it was Exercise Science.

He has been around for the evolution of the profession and helped shape it with a heavy influence teaching across tertiary institutions and through their second company, Corrective Exercise Australia.
With over 20 years of clinical experience, Max is very practical in his way of teaching and breaking down complex movement issues to a functional level, making things less overwhelming and easy to apply.
We have adapted some of Max’s movement analysis techniques to make a Framework to guide young clinicians through their gait analysis and biomechanical assessment in a methodical and efficient manner. This Framework is taught in our Foundations Course.

Max has a love of human movement and in clinic he loves helping people improve their movement patterns and build strength.

He himself does Mountain Bike Riding, Road Cycling, Trail Running, gym. He has just taken up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and there are surely many other sports he would love to try or do if he had the time!

Simon Bartold

Simon Bartold - Biomechanist

Simon actually started out with a Bachelor Degree in Science with a major in Zoology. He then went on to study Podiatry at the University of South Australia. He graduated with honours and was awarded the University prize for dux of the course. Simon holds postgraduate fellowships in Sports Podiatry with the Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, in Sport Sciences with Sports Medicine Australia, and in the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine with the Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow).

He ran his own Podiatry clinic for many years and is a bit of a “Prac-Ademic” with a keen interest to keep a close eye on all the latest research on Biomechanics. 

In fact, he has been awarded the prestigious Best Clinical Paper award for original research at the Australasian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport THREE TIMES for different papers! Along with multiple other awards throughout his career (for more details visit:

A significant part of his career has involved both working with athletes and in shoe development for companies such as Asics, Solomon and Xblades.

These days, he is no longer a registered Podiatrist, but wears the title of a Biomechanist. He is most well known for his online learning platform: Bartold Clinical. Providing an comprehensive, ever evolving and progressive resource for all things Biomechanics! From reviews on the latest literature to online courses, videos and E-books.

He is no stranger to presenting and we are stoked to have him onboard as one of the presenters for our “Gait in Biomechanical Conditions” Course (aiming to be released early 2024). He has also participated in our FREE “Gait Retraining” Course/Discussion Video with Max Martin.

Presenter Dr Tam Levy

Dr Tam Levy - Neuro Physio

Tam graduated as a physiotherapist in 1988 and has worked in the area of neurological physiotherapy for 35 years. She completed a Graduate Diploma in Neurological Physiotherapy (1998) and in 2021 completed a PhD in which she explored adherence to exercise in people with stroke.

Tam has worked across a range of settings, including private practice, public hospitals, and universities. In her clinical role she has done extensive advanced training in several areas, including vestibular rehabilitation, spasticity management and neuroprosthetic gait management. Tam is considered to be an expert at a national level of the management of spasticity and has presented at several courses and conferences on this area.

Since completing her PhD Tam has done further training in the science of behaviour change and implementation science and has focused her clinical, research and teaching activities around behaviour change and adherence in people with neurological conditions and. She is passionate about implementing evidence into clinical practice. Tam considers her ‘purpose’ as a physiotherapist to be ‘supporting clinicians to support their patients’.

When not working, Tam spends time with her friends and family, including her mini schnauzer Alfie. She enjoys going for walks and has walked up Mt Lofty almost every week for over 30 years (well before most other people had even heard of it!). She is also a movie buff and gets to the cinema whenever possible.

We are so grateful to Tam for contributing her time and expertise to present for our “Gait in Neurological Conditions” Course.