I’ve completed one of The Gait Movement’s courses, but the website won’t generate my certificate?

Sometimes the website doesn’t register that you have completed watching some of the videos.

  • Click on the course you are having this issue with.
  • Click the first topic on a lesson (e.g. Go to Foundations Course > “Functional Vs. Textbook Anatomy” > “Gluteus Maximus”), scroll to the bottom of the topic and if there’s a green  “Make Complete” button, click it. (See image below)
  • Click “Next Topic” and check the green “Mark Complete” button has been ticked on every topic in every lesson throughout the course. 
  • Go back to the course page and at the top of the page there should now be a green notification to say “You’ve earned a certificate!” and a button to “Download Certificate”
  • Any further problems, then please write to us through our Contact page on the website.

Do The Gait Movement’s courses count towards annual CPD requirements for Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists?

YES!! Absolutely! Our website will provide you with a certificate at the end of your course with your name, date completed and duration of the course in hours.

Each discipline has different guidelines, some with categories and different requirements, however all our courses fit into an appropriate category in all cases…

For Podiatry: Our courses fit into “Category II. Further Education”, which includes “completing relevant online education with evidence of achievement of learning objectives, such as a certificate.” This category allows up to 10 hours of the 20 CPD hours required in a year to be completed under this category. Our “Foundations Course” is 4 hours. So all 4 of these hours can count, provided you haven’t already completed too many hours in this category. 
You must have evidence of completion for it to count, so the Certificate of completion that our website will provide you with is very important and it will always be saved safely on your account, or you can download for email/saving/printing.

For Exercise Physiology: Our courses are not ESSA approved, however there is a category in the ESSA CPD Guidelines for “non-ESSA” courses. Non-ESSA approved courses much be within your scope of practice – given our courses are all about movement assessment, this definitely qualifies as being within the scope of practice for Exercise Physiologists. 
Exercise Physiology CPD runs on a point system, but it’s basically 1 point per hour of CPD. So our 4 hour “Foundations Course” can count towards 4 CPD points!

For Physiotherapy: Our courses fit into section “6.1 Formal learning activities” and under the subheading “Online learning”. Under this subheading, it also includes “interactive discussions and chat rooms”. We offer a private Facebook Group to all our customers where you can post questions about our courses or start discussions on real life gait case studies (with permission from the client) with other MSK Allied Health Professionals.

AHPRA Podiatry CPD guidelines
ESSA EP CPD Guidelines

What future courses is The Gait Movement intending to produce?

  • Gait in Biomechanical Conditions (e.g. MTSS, Achilles Tendinopathy, Tib. Post. Dysfunction and Tendinopathy, PFJP, Patella Tendinopathy, Perineal Pain in the caves vs pronated foot types)
  • Gait Re-Training: When to do it and when not to.
  • Gait in Neurological Conditions (e.g. foot drop, MS, Stroke, Parkinson’s and more)
  • Paediatric Gait: Osteochondrosis, toe walking and in-toeing. 

Can you include real-life case studies in your courses?

We intend to. But it just takes time to find the person with the right gait type, record a quality video, gain permission from the client and video edit. Things have been busy since we launched, but its something we intend to do in future. 
In the meantime, we have a closed Facebook Group for our members where they can post their clinical cases (with permission from the client) and we can help them pick out gait patterns and discuss the case. 

Do you run live courses/workshops?

Yes! Please head to our Live Workshops page for further information on upcoming workshops. 

Please email [email protected] if you would like to book a workshop, as the payment system for workshops is not set up on the website for this service.