Foundations Course

$260.00 inc GST

We recommend you start with our Foundations Course unless you are already fairly experienced and competent in gait analysis.

We definitely recommend this course to all New Graduates in professions that require gait analysis skills. Or if you have been working in area where you haven’t done much gait analysis in a long time and need a refresher/crash course.

Course Lessons include:

  • Functional Vs. Textbook Anatomy – ensuring you know how the muscles function in weight bearing, whereas textbooks tend to refer to muscle function in a non-weight bearing state.
  • Upper-body Restrictions on Gait – an introduction to Anatomical Slings and how the lower body effects the upper body in gait. This lesson is particularly valuable to Podiatirsts who don’t tend to get taught much upper-body mechanics.
  • Gait Analysis Framework – Working through common gait patterns. Learn how to breakdown your gait analysis in your head to keep yourself on track. Learn how to recognise what biomechanical tests you should do if you see certain things in gait – learn to refine your biomechanical assessments!

Presenters: Max Martin and Estelle Humphris