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The Foundations Course is our introductory course into gait analysis and is recommended for any professionals who perform gait analysis. This includes new graduates, experienced professionals and anyone who requires a refresher on gait analysis. 
If you are experienced in gait analysis, you may want to skip forward to our other courses. 

We recommend this course to employers wanting to up-skill their team in this area – let us help you take some mentoring hours off your hands!

Course Lessons include:
Functional Vs. Textbook Anatomy – Textbooks tend to refer to muscle function in a non-weight bearing state. This module will teach you how muscles act in a weight bearing, functional state. 
Upper-body Restrictions on Gait – an introduction to Anatomical Slings and how the lower body affects the upper body in gait. This lesson is particularly valuable to Podiatrists who often haven’t been taught much upper-body mechanics.
Gait Analysis Framework – This module will teach you how to break-down your gait analysis using our unique framework and will work through common gait patterns. You will be taught to translate your findings in gait analysis into functional tests, and will refine your biomechanical assessments.

Approximate duration to complete content: 4 hours

Presenters: Max Martin and Estelle Humphris

Facebook Members page: A forum for you to ask questions direct to our presenters! Search: “The Gait Movement Members Page” and request to join.

Still not sure if this course is for you? Here’s a taster of some of the content that we cover in this course:

We have ordered the course in a logical order, but feel free to jump around to topics that are more pertinent to you.

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