The Gait Movement Live Workshop

Due to popular request, we are finally breaking new ground with our new live workshops. These workshops aim to follow on from the concepts from our Foundations Course, to offer a deeper understanding and assist with better implementation of concepts into your clinic and mastering skills in gait analysis, functional assessment and exercise prescription.

Meet the Experts: Max and Estelle

Learn from Max Martin, an Exercise Physiologist with over 20 years of experience and a pioneer in his industry; and Estelle Humphris, a Podiatrist and owner/creator of The Gait Movement. They share a passion for passing on tips and tricks from their clinical experience to benefit others. Their combined expertise creates a learning environment that is not only informative but also dynamic, engaging and practical.

Bringing Online Learning to Life

The Gait Movement’s online Foundations Course is already renowned for its comprehensive content. What sets the live workshops apart is their ability to bring those online concepts to life. Participants will learn to apply the framework and Functional tests from the online course in real-life gait analysis scenarios.
The online Foundations Course provides a base knowledge for all participants to be on the same page given varying levels of experience in the room. It also serves as a valuable resource to revisit whenever needed. The combination of live instruction and online resources ensures a holistic learning experience that continues long after the workshop concludes.

Dive into Practical Application

Given workshop participants have already completed our online Foundations Course, means that we can get stuck into the practical skills almost straight away, making the session much more engaging and interactive, and allowing for more natural, free flowing discussions. 

Learn to apply The Gait Movement’s unique Gait Analysis Framework in a practical setting and engrain this method into your way of thinking, making it easy to apply in your clinic the next week! Take home worksheets are provided to help you take notes on the day and to use in your clinic if you wish.

We run through the intricacies of the Functional Tests from the online course, offering tips on technique and insights into their significance and how to interpret the results.

But the big clincher that was not included in the online course is: exercise prescription. What exercises should you prescribe given the results from your gait analysis and functional assessments? You’ll finally understand the “why” and the “how” things are happening, and now learn the “what to do about it”!
Plus, a take home copy of the recommended exercises and their descriptions is provided.

And of course, having us face-to-face means we get to answer any questions upfront to enhance your learning. Don’t be shy now! Ask away!

Conclusion: Stride into Gait Analysis with Confidence

Whether you’re an exercise physiologist, podiatrist, physio, chiropractor or biomechanist, or any other health professional that assesses gait, these workshops are crafted with you in mind. Elevate your expertise in gait analysis and improve both efficiency in clinic and client outcomes.
You’ll be walking away with practical skills and a newfound confidence in your ability to translate movement patterns.

We aim to run at least one workshop in each Australian state over 2023-2025, so if we are coming to a place near you, don’t miss out! Check out our upcoming workshops here (price includes both the online Foundations Course and live workshop). 

For our overseas members, we are open to video Q&A sessions if the timezones and availability works. You can contact us via our contact page.