We are excited to have you on board to learn “step by step” gait analysis!

Is The Gait Movement for you?

We understand how Gait Analysis can be quite overwhelming for young clinicians. Whether it was just too much to take in during your studies or not covered in enough depth, or perhaps you’ve been working in an area where you didn’t do it much and you are out of touch…
Rest assured you are not alone in feeling anxious or having “Imposter Syndrome” kick in when someone refers to you because you should be an “Expert” in gait analysis.

You may have been told “you’ll get better over time, with experience” – how frustrating is this comment?!

We are here to walk you through gait analysis, step by step, with our methodically structured online courses. You will get to keep our courses forever! So you can refer back to whenever you need!

We provide you with a framework to guide your train of thought during your assessments, to easily work out WHY certain gait patterns are occurring and what tests to then do to confirm this.
This will help you reduce the number of clinical tests you need to do on each client, tailoring the assessment to the individual and saving your time – and brain power!

The Gait Movement Testimonial Review
The Gait Movement Testimonial Review
The Gait Movement Testimonial Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course this always depends, everyone’s experience levels are different.
If you have been working in an area with less MSK client exposure, and moving into an area with more of this type of client load, then we highly recommend our courses to help you get into your gait analysis, functional assessment and exercise prescription rhythm!

If you have had a lot of MSK client experience, and you understand functional anatomy (ie how muscles function in weight bearing), then you may find you already know many things covered in our Foundations Course. However, the framework we teach in this course may change your approach to your assessments and help you refine which clinical tests you actually need to bother doing on each individual client – improve your efficiency in clinic!
If you are a Podiatrist, you may have never been taught or mentored on how the upper body affects the lower body in gait. So the topics we cover on anatomical slings, upper body tests and exercise prescription are of high value to Podiatrists.

Our live workshops which follow up from the Foundations Course would also be appropriate for a more experienced clinician, where you can ask questions and start more complex discussions, while improving on your functional testing delivery and evolve your exercise prescription knowledge.
We also offer private Facebook and Linked In groups for our members to ask questions and start discussions.

You can find the full content description for our Foundations Course here.
And if you think you’ve got this content down-packed and it’s not for you, then we recommended you stay tuned for some of our future courses:

  • Gait in Biomechanical Conditions (e.g. MTSS, Achilles Tendinopathy, Tib. Post. Dysfunction and Tendinopathy, PFJP, Patella Tendinopathy, Perineal Pain in the caves vs pronated foot types)
  • Gait in Neurological Conditions (e.g. foot drop, MS, Stroke, Parkinson’s and more)
  • Paediatric Gait: Osteochondrosis, toe walking and in-toeing.

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YES!! Absolutely! Our website will provide you with a certificate at the end of your course with your name, date completed and duration of the course in hours.

Each discipline has different guidelines, some with categories and different requirements, however all our courses fit into an appropriate category in all cases. Details on how our courses fit into each disciplines categories can be found on our FAQs page

Yes! We have recently started providing live workshops within Australia.

These are a follow up from our online Foundations Course. They expand on the Foundations Course content, guide you through applying the concepts in a practical setting and also cover exercise prescription around the results of functional tests. 

You can find the details on our upcoming live workshops here
Please email us to book or register your interest for a particular location: [email protected]