Gait in Biomechanical Conditions – Coming Soon!

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When common biomechanical presentations come through the clinic, what gait movement patterns might we see and how does it effect the condition?
Sometimes a conditions can happen in different structural foot types (supinated/pronated/neutral), but the mechanics that lead to this will be different.

Biomechanical Presentations included in this course are:
– Peroneal pain in the Pronated vs. Supinated Foot Types
– Patella Femoral Joint Pain (PFJP) Vs. Patella Tendinopathy
– Medial Tibial Stress Syndrom (MTSS)
– Anterior Shin Pain
– Tibial Stress Fracture
– Achilles Tendinopathy
– Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction/Tendinopathy
– Plantar Fasciopathy in the Pronated vs. Supinated Foot Types

Presented by different presenters, including: Estelle Humphris, Simon Bartold and Max Martin

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